Fred, Jr. is following in his footsteps as an actor first, a dancer second.   He is not looking to be an imitator, but to strive to make his own path. 
Fred Berry, Jr.

Fred Berry, Jr. is the son of the late actor who played the character Rerun in the 1970's hit TV Show What's Happening.  He also was instrumental in pioneering hip-hop as it is known today as part of the dance group The Lockers.  He wowed audiences with his dynamic dance abilities.
Welcome to the Home Page of the Official Fred Berry Site.  Here you will be able to view the Tribute to the legendary Fred "Rerun" Berry, you can also meet his son Fred Berry, Jr., who bears a strong resemblance to his father and much more.
This page is dedicated to my father and be sure to sign the Guest Book .
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Thank you Reebok for including me in your Reebok Black Top Collection.
Thank you Bravo/RHOC and Paramount/Tom Cruise for letting me be in this Promo for Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation.  I got a chance to do my own stunts like Mr. Tom Cruise.  
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