This Gratitude Wall is dedicated to everyone that has played a role in getting us to this point.   If you are interested in any of our supporters click on any of their links below and it will take you to their website.

The Academy Awards

The Golden Globes

The Voice
Spike Lee

Pharrell Williams
Roger Gorman
Director of Academy Awards


Family Game Night

Bet on Your Baby

Jack Hodgkins
Jack Jibs 

Bob Bitchin
Cruising Outpost

Performers Academy

Ron Barnes, Sr.
"Ode of a Foreign Stray"

Richard Brian Dipirro
TV Director
Glass Tower Productions

Bentley Kyle Evans and
Stacey Evans Morgan
Producers, Writers and Motivational Speakers

Don Cornelius and Soul Train​​

Bunny Malone Millar

Scott Hylton
Camera Operator​​

Wendel Wellman
Music Producer/Musician

Alex Hernandez
Handheld & Jib Operator

Manny Bonilla
Steadicam & Handheld Operator

Danny Bonilla
Handheld Operator

Rob Vouna
Steadicam Operator

Andy Jagerson
The Jib Guy

Heath Hollensbe
Band Manager

Alpha to Omega Alarm Monitoring Service
Rene & Jerry Large

Eukanuba National Dog Show Championship

TV Guide Network

E Channel

John Pipes
Senior Producer JMM


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