The loveable Fred "Rerun" Berry, one of the original Lockers, wowed the crowd with his dynamic moves and his signature Master Butt Drop.  Fred was best known for his role as Freddie Stubs aka Rerun in the 1970's TV Show "What's Happening."   The name Rerun stuck with him long after the series ended.  He decided to legally change his middle name from Allen to "Rerun". Back in the day when Sitcoms were king, dynamic and hilariously funny, not only was "What's Happening" one of the most popular sitcoms.  There were other hilariously funny shows such as "Good Times", "Welcome Back Kotter", "Sanford and Son", "Taxi", "The Jefferson's" and many others.  This is a small tribute to the man most known as Rerun, Fred Berry.   

Courtesy Columbia Pictures

Before there was Rerun there was Mr. Penguinand he was part of an exceptional dance group known as The Lockers.  He was one of the Originators of the group.  Watch Fred Berry below as he blazes the screens with the rest of The Lockers.  For more info on The Lockers visit their Offical Website at
A commercial The Lockers made back in the 70's.

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